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The Alabama Blues Project is a nonprofit organization that specializes in providing Blues music lessons for children ages 6-18 in the areas of vocals, harmonica, guitar and drums. Our students are taught by the best Blues musicians in the state and learn about the history of the Blues as well as how to perform the blues.

Our programs reach a wide variety of children, including at-risk and troubled youth, and our unique Blues camps pass on Alabama's rich Blues culture to the next generation while teaching self-esteem, discipline, cross-cultural understanding, interaction, and teamwork. Our programs have been awarded the National Coming up Taller Award by the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, and the Keeping the Blues Alive award from the Blues Foundation.


Hands-on Education in the Classroom

Blues in School is designed to give students in varying grade levels a more comprehensive, hands-on experience by partnering with the schools for classroom and assembly programs.  Students get exposure to traditional instruments and learn about blues music and its history through out these programs.



Extra-Curricular Programming for Clubs

Blues Clubs are designed for a more flexible approach to our classroom-oriented programs.  Built for after-school or summer sessions, the Alabama Blues Project works with the host school or organization to tune the depth of instruction and duration of the programs to their special needs.



Intensive Musical Training for Rising Musicians

Blues Camps focus on teaching students to see the Blues in the context of Alabama folk art culture.  Throughout the camp, students have classes in Blues history, interdisciplinary sessions with local artists, writers, and dancers, and in-depth instruction on guitar, drums, or vocals.  The camp ends with a free final performance for families and the general public.  Scholarships are available.

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